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Origins of Baby on Board Signs

So where did it all start? Many theories exists behind the baby on board signs. One of the most popular involves a car crash where a child is flung out of the car and buried in a bush / grass / somewhere well hidden, the driver is dead / unconscious and the only way the rescue services knew to look for the child was because of the “baby on board” sign stuck in the window.This is believed to be an urban myth, started many decades ago.

A more realistic use for the signs is to promote the idea that children are on board, which you may not be able to see (due to their height) Therefore if you are tailgaiting and have an accident, rather than just giving the driver whiplash, you could potentially cause much more serious damage to a child in the back. If you had seen a sign – maybe you would have backed off.

Now days, they have become much more a novelty product, whilst some still have their uses – we have made many signs with “disabled child on board” for children who may appear aggressive at traffic lights to other drivers, a simple sign can put into context their behaviour. Many signs are now given as gifts, as jokes or something to brighten up your car.


From R50 size: 140mm X 140mm (includes suction cup)

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